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Nevada Breastfeeds 2019 Calendar

Would you like to be featured in Nevada’s 2019 Breastfeeding Calendar?

Theme: Supporting Breastfeeding in Nevada- Here, There, Everywhere

Deadline: November 1, 2018

Click here for Photo Release

This year we are asking for pictures of women engaging in offering breastmilk in all forms: traditional breastfeeding, pumping, use of supplemental nutrition systems, early latching experiences, feeding donor breastmilk, nursing toddlers and breastfeeding multiples and/or tandem feeding.

We encourage you to submit a picture that portrays your everyday breastfeeding experiences, because the goal is to authentically and positively represent breastfeeding in Nevada. Not makeup or fancy clothes or photo shoots needed!


          • early hospital or home birth photos, first latch
          • breastfeeding while relaxing at home
          • pumping or breastfeeding at work or out in the community
          • multitasking while breastfeeding or pumping
          • photos including siblings/family

The calendar will be distributed across the state to support moms and help normalize breastfeeding.

Please keep in mind that if you have the option to take a photo on a camera the quality will be better suited to be enlarged to calendar size.

Photos MUST be of Nevada moms & babies. Please note, photos can also be a favorite from the past. Photos will be selected by a voting process and while not all photos will be used in the calendar they may be used for other purposes. 

Submit all photos and signed photo release to jacquelynbonde@nevada.unr.edu.

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